Sending Images to ConforMIS

To ensure the best possible care for the patient it is critical that ConforMIS protocol scans are sent immediately upon completion of the exam *** via electronic upload whenever possible ***

ConforMIS offers several methods of secure DICOM data transfer.

  • Secure Web Upload

    ConforMIS exams can be uploaded from a file containing DICOM via our website. Please go to to upload a scan through our secure .ftp site.

  • Direct upload to ConforMIS eRad PACS

    ConforMIS Imaging Support can provide an eRAD PACS account that will allow users to upload images directly to our system. Click here to request a PACS account.

  • PACS-to-PACS

    ConforMIS uses an eRAD PACS system that is capable of establishing a PACS-to-PACS network with systems that send data using TLS encryption. Please check with your PACS vendor to verify the ability to do so.

  • Image Sharing

    ConforMIS is able to retrieve images from cloud-based image sharing sites. If you are currently using one of these types of applications please contact ConforMIS Image Support to discuss establishing a connection.

  • Priority Shipping

    ConforMIS exams that have been saved in uncompressed or loss-less compression DICOM format on a disk (CD or DVD) can be shipped to ConforMIS. We provide pre-paid envelopes. To obtain a supply, please fill in the form here.