Image-to-Implant Process

iFit image-to-implant® software is the technology platform that allows for the design of our patient-specific implants and instrumentation. Proprietary algorithms convert a CT scan of the knee to a 3D model by mapping the articular surface of the joint and defining the area of disease. That 3D model is used to design the implant and the surgical instrumentation that is unique to each patient.

  • iFit® Design

    ConforMIS implants and instruments are designed based on the patient’s CT scan. An automated design process uses proprietary algorithms to map the articular surface of the joint in three dimensions. The software uses that information to design the implants and instrumentation that will match to the 3D model of the knee, correcting the data for any underlying arthritic deformity such as bone spurs, cysts or flattening of the joint.

  • iFit® 3D Additive Printing

    Our patient-specific iJig® instrumentation is manufactured using the latest in 3D printing technology. This allows us to develop patient-specific instruments for every step of the procedure.

  • iFit® Just-in-Time Delivery

    ConforMIS has just-in-time manufacturing and delivery capabilities. This means that our single-use kit is delivered in advance of surgery, reducing the inventory from hospital shelves.