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Alan: It became a part of my life having pain in my legs. I had the non-ConforMIS knee done in March of 2010 – still have pain in that today. I had the ConforMIS knee done and it is a world of wonderful. When I look at my wedding, my leg was way bowed out from all the inside pain that I had had. It’s just unbelievable to me how I’m walking with no pain in my right knee at all.

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The new technology that is out from two years ago when I had my left knee was they built the part after doing an MRI on my knee so it would fit, and that just blows my mind. And I can tell the difference in just how much better that leg is. At my job I’m a metal fabricator and so I am twisting, turning, lifting every moment of the day. I am now walking more brisk because I’m not pampering my leg.

My healing time for this was so much quicker. I can run now, and so this has just changed my life to be able to do it and made me happier because I’m out there exercising again. With my grandkids, it makes a big difference that I can play around with them and it’s making it easier to get on the ground with them now. How do I tell you more than it’s just I do feel reborn and doing so much more as a person. I wanted to share my story about my knee because it has just changed my life getting this done.

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