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Video Transcript

What are some of the problems you see with traditional knee replacements?

Dr. Martin: The issues that we see sometimes with implants, as they are right now, is that they only come in a limited number of sizes. So, when we’re placing these implants, sometimes they fit and sometimes they don’t. With ConforMIS, the implant is shaped like your own knee and it fits right every time.

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Other companies say they have “patient-specific” knee systems. What makes ConforMIS different?

Dr. Martin: When we do a knee replacement, there are devices that shape the bone in order to facilitate putting in the final implant. And those devices are called jigs. With ConforMIS, the jigs are made for the patient, but then the ultimate implant that is put in, since its based on the pre-operative CT scan, fits the patient exactly. What a lot of companies have been doing is marketing their jigs as a patient-specific knee system. The jigs provided to the surgeon may have been made for that patient, but the ultimate implant that is put in is an off-the-shelf implant. With ConforMIS, the entire system from start to finish is geared and made with that patient in mind. So, when we place either the femoral or tibial implants onto the patient, they just match like an extension of their own anatomy.

How do the results with your ConforMIS patients compare to those with an off-theshelf?

Dr. Martin: It’s dramatic. I’ve seen in my early outcomes things I’ve really never seen with traditional knees – the way people are recovering, the way that they are having less swelling and less pain; my transfusion rate has dramatically dropped off to close to nothing. And, at the end of the day, I’m seeing knees bend and straighten better and feel more like patients’ own knees.

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