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John: Literally I was bone on bone; I had no cartilage left in my knees. Simple things like taking the dog for walk with my wife, I couldn’t go as far. It would just really hurt me there. Also out in the yard, I couldn’t work in the year as much as I would like to. And, my legs got to the point where I was severely bow-legged and it just got very, very painful. And I talked to my wife, Ruth, and I said ‘look, I’ve got to do something. This is not fun anymore.’

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My initial reaction to a total customized knee – who wouldn’t want that? I had both my knees done. I just didn’t want to go through this twice. I am self-employed. I am a veterinarian. I am the only veterinarian in my office. That was a big factor of getting back to work as quick as possible.

Actually, I’ve got one very good friend that had both his knees done about seven or eight years ago and I just recently had a conversation with him comparing notes and he actually went to a rehab hospital and was there for a couple of weeks. Mine was so fast that I was home in two days and I was back to work in a week and a half. A lot of my clients at work have asked me ‘Well, you lost weight’ and I say, ‘No, I just gained my height back. I’m actually the same weight as I have been, I’ve just gained an inch, inch a half in height.’

And that’s the thing that the knees have done for me. They’ve straightened my legs out immensely, and I can walk normally again. I’m able to do things that I had stopped being able to do. Just simply walking with my wife with the dogs, now I can pretty much walk as long as they walk, and that’s made a big difference in my life. I’m a big landscaper in my yard, that’s a big part of my life now. I’m able to do that without any reservations what so ever. So, I’m very happy with the way things have gone for me. The ConforMIS knees have totally changed my life.

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