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Rita: I’m four weeks out from knee replacement with the iTotal® custom knee replacement. The biggest difference – lack of pain and the use of the knee is more natural. I’ve been very pleased with how recovery has gone. In fact, other people and even physical therapists are just astounded at how far along I’ve come and how much I’ve improved in just the four weeks and that I had gained as much flexion and extension compared to the standard, off-the-shelf knee replacement.

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I’ve always been an active person – camping, hiking, before my knee started to give me trouble, when I started having trouble, I’d have to ice down my knee; sometimes I was walking with a cane. The last two years have been the most limiting as far as the pain and discomfort. I was ready to get this over with. I am very pleased at how quickly I’ve improved.

The biggest difference I notice today is lack of pain and flexibility. I mean that’s my knee again. Today, I can get in the garden; I can get on my knees to pull weeds, to plant, to do what I need to. I don’t have to have help getting up and getting down. It’s just very rewarding now to be able to get out now and do the things I wanted to do, that I enjoy doing. I’m just totally amazed at how well it’s gone

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